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The Intenet of Things (IoT) in a nutshell, can be explained as a concept of connecting any electronic or non-electronic with an on/off switch) device to the Internet and other devices. IoT is considered as a huge network of linked things which maybe even people. The purpose of IoT is to collect and share data about the way things are used and the environment around them. A few examples of IoT include smart microwaves which automatically cook your food for a particular time, self-driving cars which automatically detect objects in your way, fitness devices that measure your heart rate etc.

IoT has unlocked the door to innumerable business opportunities; the business can gain huge monetary benefits because of advanced business models and services. IoT increases return on investments, reduces the times to market, and builds secure business cases. In the future, economic impact and benefits of IoT are expected to be huge. According to studies, it is believed that the economic revenue of IoT will be more than $1.9 trillion by the year 2020. Therefore, the demand for IoT developers is on the rise.

APTRON is one of the eminent names in the IoT Training Institutes in Noida. IoT Training is provided according to current industry standards IoT Training is provided according to current industry standards which enables one to land their dream jobs in top companies of the world. APTRON is a well-renowned training company providing the best training services, especially in IoT Training. We impart practical knowledge through live project training and further, we also provide placement assistance for all. The course curriculum for IoT is designed to give in-depth knowledge which covers all the modules ranging from basic to advanced level.

IoT Training at APTRON is provided by corporate experts having experience of more than 10 years in live project training. IoT Training comprises of Overview of IoT , Sensors and Sensors Network , Production and Cost Projection, Machine learning for intelligent IoT , Analytical Engine for IoT, IAAS/SAAS/PAAS/ Service Model, Data and Platform Implementation , Big Data for IoT and many more concepts. It enables students to understand and tackle the difficult and complex situations which they may face when they enter the reality of the IT sector.

APTRON is an excellent IoT Training Institute with great infrastructure and newly-designed labs which enables one to practice and pursue various courses at APTRON. We train thousands of students every year from every corner of the world in IoT to adjust to every student's needs related to various modules and content.

We believe in practice what you preach and thus the IoT Training at APTRON involves "Hands-on-experience" therefore each person is motivated to practically conduct each topic which is discussed in the sessions provided at APTRON. This training also ensures that once the training is completed, the candidate gains all the concepts and skills effectively and can apply them efficiently in his chosen field of work.

There has been an increase in demand for engineers who are well-versed in IoT and companies are hiring the best candidates in the market. Thus, being professionally qualified and skilled in a technology increases the chances of landing one's dream job. Thus, APTRON which is one of the Best IoT Training Institutes provides 100% placement assistance for all. We provide well-structured modules for students/corporates/ working professionals. At APTRON, IoT Training is provided on weekdays as well as weekends. We also provide fast-track training lessons for working professionals looking to upgrade themselves instantly.

APTRON is offering the best IoT Training in Noida. The course curriculum of IoT is developed to meet the needs of the industries, so that the students get the best job opportunities. APTRON, being the most trusted IoT training institute in Delhi/NCR, offer job assistance and hands on practical training to the learners. At, APTRON, we are not only offering basic level IoT Training but advanced level IoT Training as well. The entire training program is conducted by the industry experts, having years of experiences in the domain.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure the best end results. The IoT course includes all the basic and advanced knowledge of all the required topics. Right from the basic introduction to IoT, we teach about Sensor Network, Electronic Platform, Machine Learning for IoT, Iot on real time projects etc. An expert team of professionals design the entire course curriculum as per the advancement in technologies and requirements of MNCs.

APTRON is a credible brand in IoT training industry due to the quality services that are offered here. Situated at a prime location, we offer a perfect learning ambience for our students. Our labs are equipped with the latest machines and software, the classrooms are spacious and well ventilated, the seminar halls are well maintained to conduct expert's session interview preparation classes.

IoT classes are available on weekdays, evening batches as well as on weekends. The classes are schedules according to the convenience of the learners. We also ensure 100% placements assistance for Iot learners in the best MNCs.

Course Content and Syllabus for IoT Training in Noida

  • Overview on importance of IoT
  • Introduction to IoT
  • All about Sensors and Sensor Network
  • Wireless Protocol
  • Electronic Platform Review
  • Mobile App Platform and Middleware of IoT
  • Machine Learning for IoT
  • Analytic Engine for IoT
  • Database and Platform Implementation
  • Knowledge about Big Data for IoT